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British Raj04/01/2013

British Raj  was the British rule in the Indian subcontinent between 1858 and 1947. The term can also refer to the period of dominion. The region under British control, commonly called India in contemporary usage, included areas directly administered by the United Kingdom    as well as the princely states ruled by individual ru....More

Drain of Wealth Theory30/12/2012

Drain of Wealth Theory

 R C Dutta & Dadabhai Naoroji first cited the drain of wealth theory. Naoroji brought ii to light in his book titled“Poverty And Un-British Rule In India”. R C Dutt blamed the British policies for, Indian economic ills in his book‘Economic History of India’ (1901-03).

Vedic Age21/12/2012

Rigvedic Gods

The early Vedic religion was naturalistic. Evidently, there were neither temples nor idols. The mode ofprayer was recitation of mantras. Sacrifice was offered for Praja (children). Pasu (cattle) and Dhana (wealth)and not for spiritual upliftment or misery.



The Age of Sultans Part-II12/12/2012


 Iltutmish was the real founder of Delhi Sultanate. He made Delhi the capital in place of Lahore.

 He saved Delhi Sultanate from the wrath of Chengiz Khan - the Mongol leader by refusing shelter to Khwarizm Shah, whom Chengiz was chasing.


The Age of Sultans Part-I12/12/2012

Qutb-u-din Aibak

1. Qutb-ud-din Aibak was the founder of first independent Turkish kingdom in northern India i.e. Delhi Sultante.

2. He was also famous as Lakh Baksh (giver of lakhs).

3.  He constructed two mosques - Quw....More

Ancient History06/12/2012

Paleolithic Age

The human beings living in the Paleolithic Age were  food gatherers and were depend on nature for food. The art of hunting wild animals led to making stoneweapons and tools. First, crudely carved out stones were used in hunting, but as the size of the groups began toincrease and there was need for....More

The Pre-Historic Period14/05/2012

The term Pre-historic is a misnomer. There is nothing before the hisotry. The term Pre-History or Pre-Historic is denoted the the period of hisotyr sans any kind of written records. The prehistoric period in the history of mankind can roughly be dated from 200000 BC to about 3500-2500 BC. The first modern human beings or the Homo sapiens set foot on theIndian subcontinent anywhere between 200000 BC and 40000 BC and they soon spreadthroughout a large part of the subcontinent, including peninsu....More

Paleolithic Period02/05/2012

Paleolithic is a latin term. Paleolithic is a combination of two words i.e. paleo means old and lithic means stone. Hence, the old stone age or the period of weapons and implements of stones is called the paleolithic period or age. The human beings living in the Paleolithic Age were mainly food gatherers, hunter and depended on nature for food. The art of hunting and k....More


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