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Science Sample
Spoken English
Spoken English


Download Paper here by clicking on pdf image. 

Test Assignment–1

Social Science

Class IX

Time:- 3 Hours                                                                                             M.M. 90


General Instructions:

1.         The question paper has 30 questions in all. All questions are compulsory.

2.         Marks are indicated against each question.

3.         Questions from serial number 1-8 are Short Answer Type Questions. Each question carries one mark.

4.         Questions from serial number 9 to 21 are 3 marks questions. Answer of these questions should not exceed 80 words each.

5.         Questions from serial number 22 to 29 are 5 marks questions. Answer of these questions should not exceed 120 words each

6.         Question number 30 is a map question of 3 marks from Geography only. After completion, attach the map inside your answer book.



  1. .What was tithe?                                                                                          (1)
  2. Which is the Southernmost point of India?                                            (1)
  3. When did South Africa get Universal Adult Franchise?                                  (1)
  4. In which year king Gyanendra dismissed the elected government and imposed emergency in Nepal?                                                                       (1)
  5. Which countries do not have one vote one value system?                 (1)
  6. Which are the modern methods of  agriculture?                                                (1)
  7. Working Capital can be defined as ……….                                            (1)
  8. Name a unit of measurement?                                                                  (1)
  9. What were the changes occurred in Russia after the October Revolution? (3)


Give three features of Nazism?                                                                 3x1=3

10. Write three features of industry in Russia at the beginning of the 20th century?                                                                                                    3


            Discuss the role of women in Germany during the Nazi regime?      3x1=3

11.  India is called a sub-continent. Discuss.                                                            (3)

12. Why 82o 32¢E has been selected as the Standard Meridian of India? (3)

13. Discuss the three main features of Ganga Action Plan?

14. Why the most of the Indian population lives in the northern plains. Give reasons?  (3)

15. Who is Michelle Bachelet? How did she become the President of Chile?(3)

16. What do you know about the trade union?                                             (3)

17. Write three features of the Constitution of India?                                  3

18. How does electricity help the villagers?                                                  (3)

19. Write a note on Green Revolution?                                                          (3)

20. Write three features of National Health Policy of India?                      3

21. Write a note on Robespierre and the Reign of Terror.                          (5)

22. Describe any three features of the French Constitution of 1791.       (5)

23. Why did the Tsarist autocracy fall in 1917?                                            5


24. How did Nazis try to establish total control over its people?                (5)

25. Discuss different types of plate movements.                                          (5)

26. A democratic government is more accountable form of government. Do you agree ?                                                                                                        4+1=5

27.  ‘Saudi Arabia cannot be called a democratic country’. Do you agree? 4+1=5

28. Write a note on Planning Commission of India.                                                (5)

29.  ‘Literacy rate is high among the Indian males than females’. Give reasons.                                                                                              5x1=5

30. a) On the outline map of India identify the following : 

            (A)       A mountain peak     (B)  A plateau region             

30. b) Locate and label the following on the same political outline map of India.

            (a) Nanda Devi                                                                                 2+1=3


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